BUR Stock Discussion

Burford Capital Limited Description

Burford Capital Limited is a global finance company. The Company provides a range of investment capital, financing and risk solutions. Its segments are provision of litigation investment, including reflecting litigation and arbitration-related investment activities anywhere in the world; provision of litigation insurance reflecting the United Kingdom and Channel Islands litigation insurance activities, and exploration of new initiatives related to application of capital to the litigation and arbitration sector. Its businesses include litigation finance, insurance and risk transfer, law firm lending, corporate intelligence and judgment enforcement, and a range of investment activities. Its litigation finance serves as an accounting tool, allowing businesses to litigate claims without impacting corporate balance sheets. Its litigation finance helps law firms work with their clients by providing financing for specific cases or by managing risk across a portfolio of cases.

Sector: Financial Services
Industry: Asset Management
Keywords: Insurance Cement Service Industries Law Balance Sheet Law Firms Law Firm Practice Of Law Risk Solutions Insurance Activities Lawsuits Legal Costs Legal Financing Litigation Funding

Magneto296 8 months ago

Bollinger bands going in opposite directions, indicative of explosive upward price movement. As long as the bottom band is falling , the upward price momentum should continue. Profit taking is important, should the lower band turn up, because it signals a retracement, not necessarily the end of the trend. Trend can eventually resume, when the direction of the lower band is not important , unless it turns down again, in which case more explosive movement, would be the case and resume profit taking , if and when the lower band turns up. 

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