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TRADING COACH PODCAST - Knowing When It's Time To Change Your Trading Style
about 2 months ago by Akil Stokes @ Trading Coach Podcast

Successful trading is a lot like successful coaching. Although, the plan that you come in with is important, what's more important is how you go about making adjustments. Today's episode takes a look at some adjustments I've made in my trading & the process in which I go through before deciding to do so.  

Logic and Imagination
about 2 months ago by Howard Lindzon @ Howard Lindzon

Koyfin posted this chart comparing Target and Shopify the other day that was ‘lit’:I took one look at it and commented sarcastically that ‘Investing is so easy‘.Jeff Farley had my favorite comment saying ‘More imagination, less logic‘.Bingo!My friends (and great investors) Alex Bard and Villi Itchev both got me out of my logic box back when Shopify was in the 20’s to see the growth potential of the platform.Continue reading Logic and Imagination at Howard Lindzon.

Island Reversals | Tom Bowley
about 2 months ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Tom talks about Island Reversals. According to John Murphy:"An exhaustion gap occurs right at the end of the market move and represents a last gasp in the trend. Sometimes an exhaustion gap is followed within a few days by a breakaway gap in the other direction, leaving several days of price action isolation by two gaps. This market phenomenon is called the island reversal and usually signals an important market turn."

How To Trade Stocks Like A Market Wizard | Bruce Kovner Trading Style
3 months ago by Fallible Financial Entertainment @ Fallible YouTube Channel

Bruce Kovner retired in 2011 from Caxton Associates, the hedge fund he founded and ran for 28 years.Over that time the fund returned an average of 21 percent a year since its inception. In comparison, the SPX averaged just 11%. Kovner had only one losing year (in 94’). Before Caxton, while trading at the famous Commodities Corp, he averaged close to 90% over 10 years. Impressive numbers by any measure.Many traders know of this cab driver turned trading legend from his interview with Jack Schwager in the original Market Wizards — one of the best interviews in the book (and there are many).

Everything StockCharts: Average True Range (ATR)
3 months ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Bill Shelby delves into what the ATR is, including Keltner Channels, Chandelier Exits and using Scans/Alerts with ATR.

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Daily Versus Weekly Chart Setups on $SPY $QQQ $XBI
about 3 hours ago by Steve Burns @ New Trader U

This is a Guest Post by Jake @TrendSpider.  In this weekend’s analysis, we take a look at the continued volatility during the month of August. The markets were anything but stable with huge moves to the downside and upside but SPY managed to hold above it’s weekly EMA (50) which has been a crucial level in […]

If You Are Drowning And Someone Throws You A Life Line-Take It
about 3 hours ago by Jeff Carter @ Points and Figures

One of the personality virtues of entrepreneurs is their stick to it quality. Never give up. I can I will I must. Never stop trying. It’s a good quality to have. However, as my friend Dana Wright of MATH Venture …

Willy WeWork and The Money Factory
about 4 hours ago by Howard Lindzon @ Howard Lindzon

Everyone is talking about a ‘recession’, but it is the long boom that we should be talking about. This week WeWork filed for an IPO…the latest poster child for ‘The Long Boom’. The best take on WeWork is from Professor Galloway titled WeWTF. You must read the whole thing and then please recommend the stock to the family member you dislike most. The opening sets the tone: In frothy markets, it’s easy to enter into a consensual hallucination, with investors and markets, that you’re creating value. Continue reading Willy WeWork and The Money Factory at Howard Lindzon.

5 Must Watch Charts To Avoid A Market Crash | Recession Forecast 2019
about 4 hours ago by AK Fallible - Financial Entertainment @ Fallible YouTube Channel

Subscribe to Value Ventures to find the most undervalued stocks in the stock market: In this video, Tyler is going to talk about 5 charts to keep an eye on to avoid a market crash. Watch More Of Our Videos: 👇💰Check Out Our Analysis & Breakdowns of Billions Episodes Here:👇 👇💰Learn To Trade Stocks With The Advice Of Real Life Market Wizards Here:📈👇 💰What Is Fallible? Fallible is where you can hang out and talk stocks, business, money, finance and whatever else you want. Just don’t be boring. That’s the one rule. Jokes are very welcome. We publish new videos almost every day on our Youtube channel. Our videos include stock market analysis, business model dissections, trade examples, psychology tips, and of course, breakdowns of our favourite finance...

Saturday links: working out alone
about 4 hours ago by abnormalreturns @ Abnormal Returns

Need another t-shirt? Nobody does, but if you buy an Animal Spirits Noobwhale t-shirt the proceeds will go to a great cause....

Schedule for Week of August 18, 2019
about 5 hours ago by Calculated Risk @ Calculated Risk

The key reports this week are July New and Existing Home Sales.Fed Chair Jerome Powell speaks on Friday at the Jackson Hole Symposium.Also this week, the BLS will release the preliminary employment benchmark revision, and the CBO will release updated budget and economic projections----- Monday, Aug 19th -----No major economic releases scheduled.----- Tuesday, Aug 20th -----No major economic releases scheduled.----- Wednesday, Aug 21st -----7:00 AM ET: The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) will release the results for the mortgage purchase applications index.<img alt="Existing Home Sales" border="0" src="https://2.bp.blogsp...

Longform links: data is the new uranium
about 5 hours ago by abnormalreturns @ Abnormal Returns

Saturdays are all about longform links on Abnormal Returns. You can check out last week’s linkfest including a look at the pressure...

Home Builder Trade: A Timely Exit or An Opportunity for A Refresh?
about 11 hours ago by Dr. Duru @ Dr. Duru

With just one day to go until expiration of the short side, my Aug/Oct $39 calendar call spread on the iShares Dow Jones US Home Construction ETF (ITB) hit its initial profit target. I was hoping the short side would expire worthless, and I could ride the long side expiring in October into the launch ... Read more

Wyckoff Simplified with Gary Fullett | Bruce Fraser | Power Charting
about 21 hours ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Gary Fullett discusses his new video study course ‘Wyckoff Simplified’ and analysis the S&P 500 e-mini futures and Copper futures.

Inverted Yield Curve with RRG | MarketWatchers LIVE
about 22 hours ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

Tom and Julius look at the Inverted Yield through the lends of RRG. Julius demonstrates how to analyze the inversion, or lack there of rather, through the use of the Dynamic Yield Curve tool on This video originally aired on StockCharts TV, the only 24/7 video streaming channel devoted exclusively to financial charting and market analysis from the web’s top technical experts. Watch live shows and see our complete content schedule at

How Traders Effectively Use Different Strategies Intraday
about 22 hours ago by smbcapital @ SMB Capital

In this video, Steven Spencer talks about different strategies that intraday traders employ throughout the trading day. He will examine 1 minute scalping, 5 minute move to move, and higher time frame trades. The post How Traders Effectively Use Different Strategies Intraday appeared first on SMB Training Blog.

Sacramento Housing in July: Sales Up 6% YoY, Active Inventory DOWN 16% YoY
about 23 hours ago by Calculated Risk @ Calculated Risk

From July sales increase, price unchanged month-to-monthJuly wrapped up with 1,693 total sales, a 10.9% increase from the 1,527 sales of June. Compared to the same month last year (1,598), the current figure is up 5.9%. ...The Active Listing Inventory increased 2.7% from 2,362 to 2,425 units. The Months of Inventory decreased from 1.5 to 1.4 Months. This figure represents the amount of time (in months) it would take for the current rate of sales to deplete the total active listing inventory. [Note: Compared to July 2018, inventory is down 15.7%] ....The Median DOM (days on market) increased from 10 to 11. The Average DOM increased from 22 to 23. “Days on market” represents the days between the initial listing of the home as “active” and the day it goes “pending.” Of the 1,693 sales this month, 77.6% (1,313) were on the...

The difference between the trade of a pro and a struggling independent trader ($APPL trade example)
about 23 hours ago by smbcapital @ SMB Capital

In this video we contrast the trade of a professional trader from a struggling independent trader. Multiple variables are strung together to make a professional trade as opposed to relying on some off the shelf technical indicator or one variable. Also in this video we show a recording of key moments in the trade, using our Reading the Tape skills, ... Read More The post The difference between the trade of a pro and a struggling independent trader ($APPL trade example) appeared first on SMB Training Blog.

Shanghai Strength Surprises | Greg Schnell | Market Buzz
about 23 hours ago by StockCharts @ YouTube Channel

After the largest down day of the year, the market stabilized and rallied into Options Expiration. The big picture looks damaged but the short term has created some opportunities.

LEARN TO TRADE - Breakout Trading & Trailing Stops
about 23 hours ago by Akil Stokes @ Trading Coach Podcast

Our FREE 4 Day Online Event is right around the corner. REGISTER NOW!! Today's video features a walkthrough of how I perform technical analysis when looking for continuation opportunities in the market. We also take a look at some of the different methods a trader can use when trailing stops & the pros & cons of each. Before you leave please remember to hit that LIKE button, SUBSCRIBE & leave a COMMENT For more FREE trading education make sure you check out our "Ascension" & "Trade To Measure" workshops. As well as "The Trading Coach Podcast" Akil Stokes on Social media Facebook Instagram Twitter #ForexTrading #LearnToTrade #Technicalanalysis

Trouble Up Top
about 24 hours ago by Cody Stack @ Gartner L2

Apple recently reported the largest year-over-year sales dip in over three years, signaling the next crucial test for the $1 trillion behemoth.

Cloudflare Files For U.S. IPO
1 day ago by SA IPO Analysis