Stocks Making: Expansion Pivot Buy Setup on

Rules (via 'Hit & Run Trading'):
  • Today's trading range must be greater than the daily range of the past nine trading sessions.
  • Either yesterday or today, the stock is trading at or below the 50-day moving average and explodes higher.
  • Tomorrow buy 10 cents above the explosion-day high.
  • Our initial protective stop is 1 point below the explosion day's close.
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    Symbol Grade Close % Change Volume Vol Surge
    JLG A 379.80 19.58 9,118,629 11.93
    BCN C 57.00 26.67 16,198,706 10.37
    RCH B 234.50 6.59 4,791,878 4.33
    ZNWD D 13.75 16.53 2,410,765 3.32
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