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Find stocks which have either crossed above or below an RSI (14) level.
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JollyHare522 6 months ago

Hi, I can't set the RSI Crossed (14) to anything other than  when it crosses at 50, but I need it to find any crosses at 30.

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Magneto296 9 days ago

The RSI, cross above 50, is valuable, because it more often than not signals, when a trending equity has just finished a normal retracement, and begins to break up through the small downtrend line from the immediate peak. As the originator, of the concept, I have recently come upon a repeating timeous signal, on a weekly chart. However, I can say, it is not the same as the RSI cross of 50. The cross value is different from 50, however the RSI(14) value remains the same, ie 14 weeks instead of 14 days. I am not sure if the site enables weekly scans, as have been away for some months. 

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TraderMike 9 days ago

Sorry, SwingTradeBot only deals with daily data.

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