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    Jardine Strategic Holdings Limited (BSX: JSHBD.BH, LSE: JDS, SGX: J37) is a large company that holds stock. It is a part of Jardine Matheson Holdings Limited, or Jardine's. Jardine Strategic was a constituent of the Straits Times Index.
    The holding company holds substantial amounts of Dairy Farm, a convenience store group, Hongkong Land, a property group, Mandarin Oriental, a hotel group, and Jardine Cycle & Carriage, an auto group. It also owns part of the stock of the Jardine Matheson group itself. It in effect owns its own corporate parent, enabling the Keswick family to control the group without providing a majority of the capital. This expertise in protecting family owners was shared in 2005 when it took a 20% stake in Rothschild Continuation Holdings, a major merchant bank.
    Jardine Strategic, as an office, is a corporate entity entrusted with managing and owning stock, in its stock portfolios. The paperwork, taxes, computer file maintenance, day-to-day share trading and security oversight of the stocks owned by this company, including that of its parent, are the purview of this company.

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