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Stocks Making: Calm After Storm on

How to use this scan

This finds stocks which have recently had a siginificant range expansion and are now experiencing range contraction. A trader can use the contraction to anticipate a return to an expansion phase. One idea would be to enter a trade as price exceeds the range of the contraction bar with a stop-loss at the other extreme of the contraction bar.

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Symbol Grade Close % Change Volume Vol Surge
SAE 13.00 0.78 5,257,239 4.34
HSTG 253.00 0.08 3,413,759 2.49
SRP 140.40 -2.30 4,960,239 2.40
EKF 56.00 1.36 1,441,068 1.89
IRR 19.40 -1.27 742,580 1.17
PETS 313.80 0.58 1,089,358 1.00
IPO 75.10 0.13 1,988,521 0.92
ALM 43.50 -2.47 253,605 0.84
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