ETF Components for UKDV - SPDR® S&P UK Dividend Aristocrats UCITS ETF

Below is a list of stocks held by this ETF. We only list holdings in the same market. If this is a global ETF, there may be additional components other than those listed here.


Symbol Grade Price % Change Allocation
BATS C 1.27 5.16
PHNX D 0.52 4.92
JUP D 0.45 4.92
MRW D 1.53 4.88
GSK D 0.85 4.88
UU A 0.49 4.80
LGEN D 1.24 4.78
TATE B -0.49 4.40
PNN C 0.43 3.71
AGR D 0.14 3.60
BYG B 0.41 3.51
ULVR D -0.73 3.40
MONY F 0.44 3.25
ASHM D 1.04 2.76
SDR B -0.17 2.75
AZN D 0.72 2.61
REL D 0.74 2.54
SGE D 0.92 2.50
SGRO B 0.90 2.49
DGE B 0.69 2.48
PRU A 1.22 2.06
ITRK B 1.34 2.01
HSV F -0.37 1.96
SN C 1.02 1.78
GRI C 2.45 1.77
CRDA C -0.21 1.73
AHT C 1.22 1.72
CWK C -0.16 1.63
EXPN C 1.30 1.38
GNS D 0.50 0.76
ULE D 1.19 0.74
HLMA B 1.48 0.70
LSE D 0.00 0.55

Recent News for SPDR® S&P UK Dividend Aristocrats UCITS ETF & its Holdings

Date Stock Title
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May 7 AZN AstraZeneca Weighs Seeking Full U.S. Approval for Covid Shot, Skipping Emergency-Use Application
May 7 AZN EMA Safety Committee Reviews Heart Inflammation, Rare Nerve Disorder Reports After Pfizer, AstraZeneca COVID-19 Shots
May 7 GSK ‘We are not out of the woods with this pandemic’: Doctor
May 7 GSK Pfizer begins process of seeking full U.S. vaccine approval: RPT
May 7 AZN Pfizer begins process of seeking full U.S. vaccine approval: RPT
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May 7 AZN Under-40s to be offered alternative COVID-19 vaccines to AstraZeneca’s
May 7 AZN UPDATE 1-EU regulator reviews reports of rare nerve disorder after AstraZeneca shot
May 7 AZN EU regulator reviews reports of rare nervous disorder after AstraZeneca vaccine
The objective of the SPDR S&P UK Dividend Aristocrats UCITS ETF is to track the performance of certain high dividend-yielding equity securities issued by companies from within the UK. It aims to do this by tracking the performance of the S&P UK High Yield Dividend Aristocrats Index as closely as possible.
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