New Feature: Sync Your Brokerage Account to a SwingTradeBot Portfolio

February 16, 2018

***We've switched to a new syncing service. See the details here***

Thanks to the good folks at and their API you can now sync your actual brokerage account to a SwingTradeBot portfolio. No longer will you have to manually add & remove positions in order to match what’s in your portfolio. SwingTradeBot will sync your portfolio a couple of times each day to keep things updated for you.

Here’s how to connect to your brokerage:

1. Click the “Link to Broker” button on your portfolio page.

2. Then you will be prompted to select your brokerage from a list. Here are the supported brokerages:

2a. Select your broker and click the “Connect to Broker" button.


3. On the next page, click the “Login to Your Broker Account” button.

A window will pop-up asking you to login to your brokerage account. 

You’ll then be asked to allow SwingTradeBot / TradeIt to connect to your account. 

3a. Depending on your broker you may then have to answer a security question.

3b. If you’re connecting an Interactive Brokers account you will have to wait a day or two for them to activate the connection.

4. That’s it! Visit your portfolio to see all the money you’re making