Stocks which Triggered: Possible Pocket Pivot Intraday Alert

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Stocks which ***might be*** forming a Pocket Pivot. A pocket pivot is when a stock closes up and the volume for that day is higher than any volume for a down day in the prior 10 days. ***Note that this can not be confirmed until the end of the day, as it's based on the closing price.*** *** Filtered by your default parameters: Minimum Price: 10.0, Maximum Price: 999999.0, Minimum Volume: 250000
*** Changes to the filters below will only be applied for Gold or Platinum Plan subscribers ***

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Stock Grade % Change Processed At
HFEL D 0.69
BME A 0.89
GLEN B 1.93
SN D 0.74
STAF F 4.90
NWOR C 10.67
POLX F 7.45
SYNC D 9.60
AJB F -1.65
EPIC A 0.29

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